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Greenland Dog Temperament and Lifespan

"Greenlanders" have well-developed intuition and the ability to navigate the terrain. These workers are unpretentious and are always willing to unquestioningly carry out any work that requires the owner. Dogs survived the hunting instinct in the past people used them to hunt reindeer, bears and seals. The Greenland dogs have a sharp temperament, but in relation to a man it is always very friendly. Greenlanders are used as guardian dogs.

They feel most comfortable in the pack. The owner of an animal of this breed should always keep the leading position and to express the will. Dogs need persistent training and continuous exercise, such as riding in a sleigh.

Adapted to life in nature, Greenland dog is very hardy and can easily endure severe frosts. It informs you about its emotions using different sounds: whining - expresses submission, bark - the dog is excited, grumbling - expresses aggression, howling - conveys a sense of unity with his flock. Grenlandskhund is not suitable for the role of a pet. This is a very strong and independent animal that is ideal for an experienced breeder. They usually live about 12-14 years.

How Much Does a Greenland Dog Cost and Price Range

The price for a Greenland dog varies from $700 to $1500 depending on the breeder, the country where you are going to buy the puppy as well as the dog quality. The show quality dogs will cost you even more but these dogs are worth this money.

Greenland Dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Greenland dog is a strong and sturdy dog. Height: males - 60 cm or more, females - 55 cm or more. Weight is about 30 kg. The backbone is powerful, body is muscular, the chest is broad. The coat is straight, furry, long enough, with a thick undercoat. Any color is permissible except an albino.

Greenland Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Greenland Dog refers to service dogs. It is a direct descendant of the oldest dogs, which lived in Siberia about 10 thousand years ago, and in the XVII century, found in Greenland. Greenland Dog is one of northern sled husky-type breeds. The dog is a little different from the Eskimo and isolated in a separate breed.

It is believed that the first representatives of the breed came to England in 1750, and July 29, 1875 they have already participated in one of the first dog shows. English Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1880.

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